Our Story

Our family-owned company was founded by my then six year old son Felix, who shared my mom’s passion for baking Mexican cookies with me, Laura. Together we started baking and selling homemade polvorones in honor of my mom’s (Grandma Toni) memory shortly after she passed away.  Felix told me  "I bet I can make Grandma Toni's cookies famous!"

Since our very first cookie sale and still today, it has been our family tradition to give back proceeds to non-profit organizations and to the less fortunate.  Grandma Toni instilled in us, her children and grandchildren, the importance to give and help those most in need.  Every month we select a different organization to donate a portion of our sales.  Every donation is made in memory of my mom.

After much success selling our cookies at local events, we took our hobby and made it a business in the summer of 2014.  Today we ship our cookies all across the United States.  The cookies' popularity led to the founding of Felix’s Famous Cookies, a retail product brand sold online for gifting giving.


 Antolina Avila Balboa
Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Educator and Community Leader